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Easter Bake Shop for Pets

Posted on 04.13.2022

Our shops are in full Easter mode right now, which means we have tons of fun holiday options available for your pet! Plenty of toys and wearables, of course, but Treats Unleashed is best known for our fresh baked goodies that you can't find anywhere else. Whether you are shopping for your pets or want to surprise family or friend's dogs, we have you covered for the most unique and tasty treats for pets.

Start Small - If you are just looking for a little something for your dog or a small gift for multiple pet friends, try our Decorated Treats. At just $2.49 each or a 5 pack for just $9.99, this is a great way to spread some holiday cheer! Each neighborhood shop decorates their treats a little differently, so you'll be pleasantly surprised when you order an Assorted Easter 5 pack online. All treats are guaranteed to be equally cute and delicious.

Go Jumbo! - Looking to make a big impression? Order your pup a Personalized Jumbo Easter Egg! At 5" tall, this decorated treat will be the crown jewel of any pet's Easter basket. All of our crunchy treats (including our decorated ones) are good for 90 days at room temperature, so you can keep the treats coming long after this Sunday when you treat just a piece at a time. We do recommend keeping the icing away from the heat though, as the decorations can melt. Just $5.99 per treat or grab a 3 pack for $15! Available in full dipped or low icing base options.

Crowd Pleaser - Having an Easter party with all of your dog friends? Cakes aren't just for birthdays, you know! Our bakers and decorators love to make cakes for all occasions from birthdays to gotcha days to holidays and beyond. Coming up with new ideas and themes for cakes are always a fun challenge for team members. Do the party a favor and order a cake for a crowd! Our fresh baked cakes are good for 1 week in the fridge or up to a month in the freezer. (If you plan to freeze, we recommend cutting the portions in advance, so you can thaw only what you need!) All custom cake orders require at least 24 hours notice, so plan ahead. For something extra special, please call your neighborhood shop directly.

Not sure what you want exactly? Browse the treat table at your neighborhood shop this week to find even more creative options! Egg Pops have been a favorite this year, along with Easter shaped yogurt candies. Treats Unleashed Ladue even came up with some fun and funny "deviled egg" candies! How will you celebrate with your pup this weekend?

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