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The Best Gifts for Dogs this Season

Posted on 12.14.2021


Just because a dog can't tell you what their holiday wishes are, doesn't mean you can't make them come true! Here are some of our favorite gift suggestions for dogs that can fit any budget.

Holiday Toys - So many awesome holiday toy options! Looking for a classic plush toy? Try Fluff & Tuff with their stuffed toys that are equally adorable and durable. A different kind of plush toy? Fringe Studio is great when you're looking for cute but unconventional, like an ugly sweater sloth or T-Rex snowman. More interactive? Look at PLAY or Soda Pup for toys to keep them engaged during and after the holidays. Tall Tails and Snugarooz also offer some super cute options for the season that aren't Santa specific.

Holiday Treats - Obviously, the best, fresh baked treats come from Treats Unleashed! Personalized Bones and Jumbo Candy Canes are great stocking stuffers. If you're headed to a party, Assorted Holiday Treats Packs are available in 5 or 7 treat options. Not much for sweet treats? We have savory options too, such as Chicken Chips or the Earth Animal No-Hide Feast Chews. There's also the amazingly popular Candy Cane Chew Variety Pack from Etta Says, and two tasty choices of GivePet holiday treats.

Other Gift Ideas - Give the gift of a fancy Christmas Dinner from Merrick! Or don the festive apparel with some bandanas from Keep Me Stitiching, a local crafter. You don't have to be limited to the holiday selections either. Make your pet's year with a new, comfy bed or a cozy double fleece from Gold Paw.

The best presents don't have to be the most expensive. Showing your pet the love and care they deserve is the gift that keeps giving all year 'round. Thank you for supporting small businesses, like Treats Unleashed, this holiday season. We are so grateful to be part of your pet family. If you'd like some help to find the perfect present for your pet, talk to a Treats Unleashed team member on your next visit. We are happy to help!

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