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Summer Sun, Shining the Spotlight on Rescues in June!

Every month, Treats Unleashed selects a few local, non-profit animal groups or rescues to highlight in our communities. By shining a spotlight on these groups, we hope to raise awareness of their existence, their mission, and any help they may need. The following are the selected groups for June – see if a local organization sparks your interest!

June Spotlight GroupCentral Missouri Humane Society – Columbia, MO 

“Since 1943, our organization has worked to provide the best treatment possible for the animals in our care. For almost 75 years, we have provided refuge for the many sick, injured and abused animals that have come through our doors. We are incredibly proud to say that over the past nine years, our save rate has drastically increased from 50% to 97%! Not only do we provide protection and specialized treatment for the animals in our care, we empower them through positive reinforcement and give them the tools to succeed into the future.
As animal welfare professionals, we have a unique responsibility and opportunity to speak for those that have no voice. Thanks to our dedicated staff, board members and supporters, we have the ability to turn the saddest stories into the happiest endings for the animals and people that rely on us the most.”

See CMHS at Treats Unleashed Columbia on Saturday, June 12!

June Donation Groups

St. Louis – Love A Golden

“Love a Golden Rescue finds permanent homes for Golden Retrievers who have been: surrendered by their owners; removed from shelters; unclaimed as strays; or older Golden Retrievers who are out of options. Our main focus is Missouri, but we will help any Golden, especially senior Goldens, in the Midwest. Love a Golden Rescue is an all-volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of Golden Retrievers as well as education about responsible dog ownership.”

Columbia, MO – Boone County Animal Care

“We are entirely foster-based organization whose passion is improving the lives of animals in our community. We provide care to kittens and cats of all ages and physical condition until they are successfully adopted into a family home. A significant focus of our group is trap, spay/neuter and release (TNR) as an effort to reduce the overpopulation of cats. This also significantly improves the overall health of the cats in the community, reduces the number of animal intakes to local shelters and, over time, will make an impact on the number of feral and uncared for pets.”

Kansas City – The Rescue Project

“The Rescue Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building trusting relationships with people and their pets, while at the same time improving the lives of animals in Kansas City’s under-served communities. We provide basic survival items such as food, water, flea/tick prevention and dog houses for needy animals. We offer low cost veterinary resources and emphasize the need to spay and neuter. In addition, we provide community education/awareness to the public on responsible pet ownership and empower people to make a difference.”

Support these groups by purchasing Spotlight Treats at your neighborhood Treats Unleashed shop, cash donations at our registers, or by visiting during one of our Meet & Greet events!

All information from cmhspets.org, loveagolden.com, boonecountyanimalcare.com, and therescueproject.net

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