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Thirsty Thursday – Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

Many domestic cats are at least partially dehydrated on a regular basis. This is primarily due to being fed exclusively dry food, and the fact that cats do not voluntarily drink water, like a dog would. One of the very best ways to increase the moisture in your cat’s diet is to supplement their food with some wet food sources. Not only does this increase their moisture intake through their food, but also encourages them to drink more water too! Thirsty Thursday is a new blog feature designed to highlight some of the Monthly Specials moisture options to add to your cat’s diet.

Koha Cat Minimal Ingredient Stews – These cans feature a Limited Ingredient recipe with a single source of meat, such as Duck or Turkey, and are easy on their digestive tract. A great option for picky eaters, these stews also feature pumpkin and turmeric that aid in digestion, as well as cranberry for urinary support. Save 20% on Koha Cat Stews all February long.

Farmina Cans – Farmina does things differently from every other brand when it comes to canned food. Most brands use a 2 step cooking process for their pet cans, while Farmina uses a 1 step gentle steam process instead. The result is a minimally processed food, free of guar, xanthan, cassia, industrial gums and carrageenan. Farmina cans are all buy 3, get 1 free this month.

Primal Edible Elixirs, Bone Broth & Goat’s Milk – Primal is well known for their frozen raw and freeze-dried complete diet options, but have you tried their supplements? Goat milk and bone broth are liquid supplements to add to their dinners, either on top or in a separate bowl. Goat milk is rich in probiotics to support digestion or soothe an upset stomach. Bone broth benefits joint health, digestion and liver health. Edible Elixirs, or Fresh Toppers, are designed to add to their kibble to increase moisture and give a natural boost with superfoods. Save $2 on bone broth, elixirs, 16 oz & 32 oz goat milk, and $5 on 64 oz goat milk.

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