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Enhance Their Diet

Dry food. Imagine that twice a day, every day, you had nothing but dry food. Sounds a bit boring, doesn’t it? We need more out of our diets, and so do our pets. Not just the excitement of something new and different to our palette, but also the nutritional benefits of a well balanced diet. More flavor. More moisture. More texture. So many wonderful possibilities open up when you reach for something more than their regular bag of food. Enhance their bowl with something new this month! Need ideas?

Wet Food – A catch-all term that can be used for cans and pouches, and primarily are complete and balanced diets themselves. These could be pate, stew-like, or shreds of meat in a gravy. Wet foods add loads of flavor, and obviously increase the moisture in your pet’s diet. Moisture is so very important, as it helps in proper organ and urinary function. In fact, it is suggested that cats have at least 25% of their diets come from a wet food source, as cats are commonly dehydrated and suffer urinary issues more easily than their dog friends.

Toppers – Come in various forms, but are not complete and balanced diets themselves. Add these to their regularly scheduled bowl for more nutrients and tail wags! Toppers include goat’s milk, bone broth, meaty and veggie options. Many times, toppers are also functional foods that can help with your pet’s overall health, joint support or digestive needs.

Raw Food – Another great way to enhance their bowl would be with a raw foods, which are also complete and balanced diets. The raw foods carried at Treats Unleashed go through a process called HPP, which stands for high pressure pasteurization. HPP destroys bad bacteria in raw foods without removing the raw enzymes that help benefit your pet, making them safer for you to handle and to feed your pet, compared to what you would find at your grocery store. Frozen raw foods add moisture to your pet’s diet, while freeze-dried raw can be crumbled over the top of your pet’s kibble or rehydrated with water, goat’s milk or bone broth for extra flavor!

Try something new and enhance their bowl with one of our January Monthly Specials! Wet foods on sale this month are Fussie Cat cans and new Koha Pure Shreds cans. Freeze-dried raw is also on sale this month with options from Primal and Stella & Chewy’s.

Have more questions? Talk to a pet food expert at your neighborhood Treats Unleashed for personalized recommendations for your pet. Or you can start by filling out this FREE pet food consultation form!


Food photo created by bborriss.67 – www.freepik.com

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