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November Spotlight: Bi-State Pet Food Pantry

What is Bi-State Pet Food Pantry? Bi-State is a group that works with families in need on both sides of the Mississippi River to make sure they have enough food for their pets. Treats Unleashed appreciates and supports their mission, which is why all of our pet food donations in the St. Louis area go directly to Bi-State. Our owners, Ian & Teresa, also lend a helping hand on distribution days.

Our founders, Sandy and Kylie, both had careers in social work and public relations. With the declining economy, they witnessed the need for charity every day. However, they couldn’t help noticing that while there were many organizations providing assistance to families in need of food, clothing, and housing, one family member in particular was continually overlooked – the family pet.

Unfortunately, many families are forced to surrender their pets due to unforeseen circumstances. That’s why Sandy and Kylie made it their mission to ensure that their families would be able to feed their pets. They began distributing pet food on the stoop of a small restaurant, and in August 2010, they gave out more than 300 pounds of pet food at their first distribution.

Bi-State Pet Food Pantry operates solely on volunteers’ time and efforts with six board members and nearly 50 volunteers. When families fall on hard times, we’re here to help people care for their four-legged family members!

Last year, Bi-State helped over 2,000 pets and distributed over 155,000 pounds of pet food! If you or someone you know needs some help during these uncertain times, reach out to Bi-State Pet Food Pantry. You can also see what volunteer opportunities are available. You can also support Bi-State by purchasing Spotlight Treats at your neighborhood Treats Unleashed all November long.

We are so thankful for every donation from our Frequent Barkers, and for the community support provided by Bi-State Pet Food Pantry!

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