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A Thanksgiving Tradition at Treats Unleashed

For over 12 years, Treats Unleashed has been making the very best Pumpkin Pie for your dogs and cats. Made with pet safe ingredients, just like all of our fresh baked treats, our Pumpkin Pie recipe has been a Fall favorite for years and an annual Thanksgiving tradition. After all, who doesn’t love dessert?

The Crust – Our pie crust is made with our popular honey dough, which is also the base of all of our decorated treats. Think of it like a sugar cookie base, without the refined sugar. The pie crusts are rolled out a bit thinner compared to a regular treat though, so it’s easier to crunch and more like a traditional pie crust. Just like a custard pie for humans, these crusts are par baked to maintain a crisp crust when the filling is added.

The Filling – Made from 100% pumpkin puree, honey, oats, eggs, white & wheat flours, and canola oil. We mix these together, and add to the crusts to then bake to perfection. This pie filling is full of the flavors your pet will love, and be easy on their stomach. It’s a bit heavier than the pumpkin pie filling that you may be used to, but it’s rich with pet safe ingredients. We’ll leave the whipped cream up to you, though we would recommend a splash of goat milk instead.

Order your pet’s pumpkin pie slice today! Great for dogs and cats. Or you can make it a meal combo with a can of Merrick’s Thanksgiving Dinner for dogs or a 3 oz can of your cat’s favorite dinner. Pickup starts on Saturday, November 21 and ends on Wednesday, November 25.

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