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Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Are you trick or treating this year with your pet? As we enter the holiday season in 2020, safety has never been more on our minds. How do we celebrate with so many risks? Having a plan in place and sticking to it is essential. Holidays don’t have to be cancelled, if we are careful. Here are some useful safety tips for you and your pet this Halloween:

Be seen – Sunset comes early this time of year, and daylight savings starts on November 1! If you are planning to take your pup for a stroll, consider some illuminating ideas from NiteIze. They have lights you can attach to your pup’s collar, a light up collar, and a light up leash! Use one or a combination of all of these to make sure you’re visible on your journey.

Candy BEWARE – While we look forward to candy and treats, many can be hazardous to your pet. Chocolate can make your dog sick, and some artificial sweeteners can be deadly. Keep all candy away and secure from pets. Especially if they are known for counter surfing. If you do want your pup to get in on the Halloween treat fun, we have plenty of pet safe options in store! Treats Unleashed will have ready made treat bags for your pets on Halloween, if you’d like to stop by your neighborhood shop.

Keep your distance – Don’t let strangers burst your bubble! Have a plan if you decide to go out, or if you stay indoors. If you are out, leashes are a great way to know if you are six feet apart from others. You can always decide to stay home on Halloween as well! Cuddle up with your dog and watch your favorite scary movie (and keep the treats for yourselves!)

No matter what you decide to do this year, stay safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask. After all, it is Halloween.

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