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Fromm Gold – A Lifetime of Nutritional Needs!

Fromm Gold has always been a best seller at Treats Unleashed, as pets love the taste and pet parents love the price. What else makes Fromm Gold a great choice for your dog? “Our Gold Nutritionals® product line is formulated with select proteins and wholesome ingredients. The recipes in this line are life-stage or lifestyle specific. For dogs, we offer different recipes for puppies, adults, and seniors, with more specific recipes for large breed puppies and adults, small breed adults, and dogs needing to lose weight.” While the needs of your pet may change, the flavor of Fromm Gold stays the same. Meaning, that while they switch from Puppy to Adult to Senior, they can expect the same great taste bowl after bowl.

Here is a quick overview of some of their recipes:

Puppy – Great for energetic puppies or pregnant/nursing mothers. 420 kcal/cup. Available in 5 lb, 15 lb, & 33 lb.

Large Breed Puppy – For puppies of breeds whose adult weight will exceed 50 lbs. Maintains low levels of calcium and phosphorus, so their bones grow slow and strong. 384 kcal/cup. Available in 15 lb & 33 lb.

Adult – For normally active adult dogs. 418 kcal/cup. Available in 5 lb, 15 lb, & 33 lb.

Small Breed Adult – Developed for small dog metabolisms. 425 kcal/cup. Available in 5 lb & 15 lb.

Large Breed Adult – For breeds whose adult weight exceeds 50 lbs. 377 kcal/cup. Available in 15 lb & 33 lb.

Reduced Activity/Senior – For older and less active pups, with added probiotics to help with digestion. 368 kcal/cup. Available in 5 lb, 15 lb, & 33 lb.

Fromm Gold is a featured Pet Food of the Month for October! Save $2 on small bags, $3 on medium bags, and $5 on large bags all month long. Shop all the October Monthly Specials here!

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