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Tiki Cat Raw – Different than the Rest

Tiki Cat Raw, found in the freezers of your neighborhood Treats Unleashed shop, is a bit different from other raw foods you might find for your cat. Rather than nuggets or kibble sizes of raw, Tiki Cat comes in a tub of food. This is due to the softer texture of the food, which many cats prefer. Tiki Cat Raw is also different from other raw brands, because of its simple formula – just meat, bone broth, and the essential vitamin pack. No fruits, veggies, grains, added hormones or GMO ingredients will be found in Tiki Cat Raw. Just a meaty, balanced diet that your cat will love! Tiki Cat Raw is also made proudly in the USA.

Is Tiki Cat Raw safe to feed? Absolutely. Tiki Cat Raw diets are pasteurized using extreme pressure after packaging to eliminate the chance of recontamination. Their SQF-certified, company-owned manufacturing plant is specifically designed for the production of raw meat products.

Does it contain bones? Ground poultry does contain a small amount of finely ground bones.  These and bone broth add a natural source of important minerals like calcium. Tiki Cat Raw Lamb does not contain bones.

Can’t I just feed my cat raw meat from the grocery store? There are many risks, like contamination from pathogens like salmonella, choking on meat or bones that aren’t ground properly, and nutrient deficiencies from a diet that’s not complete and balanced. A commercial raw cat food, like Tiki Cat Raw, is a safer, healthier option.

How long does a thawed package of Tiki Cat last? 2-3 days in the fridge. We recommend thawing the tub, then portioning out 2-3 days worth of meals at a time. Serve at room temperature for best results.

I’ve never fed raw food to my cat before. Where should I start? It can be a big jump from dry food to raw. Try some bone broth with your cat first to gauge interest and find an ideal temperature to feed them a once frozen product. Since Tiki Cat Raw is made with bone broth, it’s the next logical step.

How many different formulas are available? Tiki Cat has five different varieties available in 8 oz and 24 oz tubs – Chicken, Lamb, Quail, Turkey, and Duck. Treats Unleashed regularly stocks the Chicken and Turkey varieties, but our teams are always happy to special order any formula you wish!

Have more questions? Talk to a Treats Unleashed pet food expert on your next visit. We’d love to help you find the food that works best for your pet. Tiki Cat Raw is also part of the September Monthly Specials! Save $2 on large tubs and $1 on small tubs now through 9/30/20.

Some information taken from the Tiki Cat Raw page.

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