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Shining a Light on Safety!

These mid Summer temperatures make it hard to do much outdoors during the day for people and pets. Waiting for cooler temps can mean starting before the sun comes up, or waiting for an evening stroll. But the low light can also mean low visibility. Be seen with the new Nite Ize Rechargeable LED collars and leashes!

Nite Ize Rechargeable LED collars and leashes are ultra bright, and last 6 hours on a single charge! Two LEDs send light through an integrated optical fiber that provides full length illumination. Choose between a constant glow or a flashing light to help draw extra attention to your walk or run. Both the collar and leash are water resistant as well, so while they might not hold up to a swim, they can handle rain and snow just fine. Collars feature a belt buckle style closure and the leashes have a padded, soft grip handle. Leashes are 5 feet long, and the collars are available in the following sizes:

  • S: 12″- 16″
  • M: 16″- 20″
  • L: 20″ – 24″
  • XL: 24″ – 28″

Collars and leashes are available in blue or green color options, available in-store or online! Nite Ize Rechargeable Collars and Leashes are also on sale for 20% off through August 14th. Save money and start your new adventure safely! Great for early morning, evening, camping and other low-light situations.

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