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Does your hot dog need to cool off?

Temperatures are running high as the middle of Summer approaches. What else can you do besides keep the water bowl full and maybe add a few ice cubes? Treats Unleashed has treat and toy solutions to keep your pet cool while they enjoy the great outdoors!

Fun in the Sun – Remember grabbing a frozen popsicle from the freezer and playing outside? There’s nothing quite like a cold treat on a hot day. Now your pup can enjoy the same level of refreshment with a Cool Pup toy! Available in single flavor pops, including orange, melon, and blueberry, or in the deluxe bomb pop with the classic three flavors you remember, all-in-one. These make great chew toys on their own, but each pop has a hollow center with holes to the outside. Simply submerge them in water, goat’s milk, or bone broth, and freeze them for extra flavor and fun!

Homemade Ice Cream – No churning required! Pup cups are more than a Treats Unleashed favorite – they’re a Summertime staple for dogs! A variety of frozen yogurt flavors encased in a cookie cup for a satisfying crunch. Flavors may vary by store, but they are all guaranteed to please your pup. Vanilla and Peanut Butter flavors available to order online for in-store or curbside pickup.

Fashion meets Function – The coolest style there is! Cooling bandanas from RC Pets make your pet look good, and feel good. The lightweight material uses evaporative cooling to keep your dog’s temperature down. Choose from a solid Ice Blue color or the Toucan printed pattern for the more cabana look.

A Bone to pick with YouPrimal Pet Food Raw Bones are some of our favorite Summer treats for our dogs. They are frozen solid, and you can serve them directly from your freezer to your pup on a hot day. While these bones are raw, they are processed to ensure no bad bacteria exist on the product. We do encourage safe handling techniques, such as washing hands and all surfaces that the raw bone contacts. The *magical* part about the raw enzymes is that they help clean up your dog’s mouth by breaking down plaque and tartar, boosting your dog’s dental health. Cheaper than a tooth cleaning and far more enjoyable for your pet. Raw bones come in multiple sizes, so make sure to get one that best suites your dog’s mouth size. If you need help choosing which size, we’re happy to have a bone to pick with you.

Like all of these options? Bundle up and save with the Cool Down Dog Bundle, now available at treats-unleashed.com! Save 10% when you purchase a bundle.

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