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New at TU – Farmina Pet Foods

Pet Feeding Tip – Rotational Feeding

Is your pet bored with their dinner bowl? Feeding the exact same thing every day, twice a day, can get pretty dull. Try changing up the protein source (flavor) but staying within the same brand. Not only will this provide more excitement when it comes to feeding time, changing the recipe encourages a healthy digestive tract and can help reduce the possibility of an emerging allergy. If your pet has more restrictions on their diet, try adding or rotating their meal toppers.

Farmina Pet Foods

Based in Italy, Farmina founded their pet food on the idea of balance between nature and science. They use only natural antioxidants, and never use any GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients in their food – which is why they use only ancestral grains like oats and spelt. When packaging their foods, Farmina uses a process a bit different than other brands. They use nitrogen to expel all of the oxygen from the bag, a process more commonly utilized in human food preservation. The complete lack of oxygen ensures the freshest quality of food from production line to your pet’s bowl.

Treats Unleashed has three main lines of Farmina for dogs, and three lines for cats when it comes to dry food. Dog food offerings include the grain-free pumpkin line and ocean line, as well as the ancestral grain line. Feline food lines are all grain free and include Prime, Ocean, and Functional Quinoa. The functional cat foods include solutions for skin & coat, digestion, weight management, and urinary. Protein sources used across multiple lines are chicken, lamb, boar, cod, and herring. Try something new with your pet, or find a natural, functional solution through a healthy diet with Farmina!

Not sure where to start? Try our quick Pet Food Consultation Form for dogs or cats, and we will have some recommendations waiting for you on your next visit.

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