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Has your pet’s coat lost it’s shine?

Is your pet’s coat looking less than great?

If their skin and coat looks a bit dry and flaky, their diet could be to blame. Having a balanced diet rich in omega fatty acids, and regular grooming appointments are the one-two combination to help keep your pet looking their very best and bring back the shine in their coat. Want a better performance out of your pet’s food? Fill out our quick Pet Food Consultation Form, and a Treats Unleashed food expert will find the food to help you match your goals, as well as provide recommendations on your next visit.

While less common, parasites that cause mange could be the culprit of your pet’s skin issues. If you suspect something more is going on with your pet, please consult your vet first. Treats Unleashed would love to work with you and your vet’s recommendations to provide an all-natural solution for your pet’s needs.

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