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Does your pet have bad breath?

Bad breath? Switching to a healthier food can help with that.

Your pet’s foul breath can be linked to many causes, including eating nasty things, poor oral hygiene, or worse – warning signs to diabetes, kidney disease or liver disease. While the last three should be diagnosed by your veterinarian, Treats Unleashed can help you clean up their diet and clean up their mouth. Simply making sure your pet isn’t getting into foods they shouldn’t, such as table scraps, litter snacks, or whatever they find outside, can make a difference. Getting on the right food, and providing functional snacks for your pet, however, can make the biggest impact. Change their diet, change their life. Fill out our quick Pet Food Consultation form, and a Treats Unleashed team member will put together some recommendations for your next visit.

Give your pet the foods and snacks they want with results you’ll love!

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