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Turn their meal into a FEAST!

It’s Thanksgiving week and many people are preparing meals or thinking of their contributions to the family dinner table. This is also a great time to think about your contributions to your pet’s bowl – why not make it a feast for them as well? Dogs and cats love good quality food just as much as we do. Here are a few of Treats Unleashed’s favorite ways to make their regular kibble meal into something special:

Wet Food – Buy a can of your pet’s favorite wet food and stir some into their kibble, or serve it by itself. Treats Unleashed has turkey options from multiple brands (if you’d like to stick to the theme), including a Thanksgiving Dinner from Merrick Pet Foods!

Freeze-dried Raw – This almost guarantees a happy dance from your pet! Sprinkle some raw on top of their regularly scheduled meal. Available in many proteins and sizes from your pet’s favorite brands, like Primal, Stella & Chewy’s, and Instinct.

Bone Broth – It’s hard to imagine Thanksgiving Dinner without gravy. Pour some savory bone broth on your pet’s kibble or in a side dish. A great low-calorie source of glucosamine, and also easy on the stomach.

But the feast doesn’t have to stop there!

Need an appetizer? – If your pet needs an afternoon snack, grab one of their favorite chews. This can keep them occupied for some time, while you have company over.

Don’t forget dessert! – Who doesn’t love pie?!? Get your pet a slice of Treats Unleashed Pumpkin Pie for dessert this year. Slices are available starting at just $3.99, or buy a whole pie for all of the family dogs for just $16.99.

Stop by your neighborhood Treats Unleashed for all of your pet’s Thanksgiving needs!

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