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Tasty or Terrifying?

Feet? Marrow bones? Trachea? Oh my! If you look closely at the chews in our bucket displays or freezers, you may notice they look like something out of a horror movie. No need to be afraid of these chews, as they are all natural, healthy options for your pet. While many chews are designed for dogs, there are some options for cats too!

Why should I feed these to my pet?

Just the good stuff – natural chews have very little processing to them, and some are single ingredient. Great options for pets with allergies.

What clean teeth you have! – chews help maintain good dental health, especially raw bones. The raw enzymes help clean the plaque from your pet’s teeth – fewer dental visits!

Joint effort – tracheas, chicken and duck feet, and bone broths are rich, natural sources of glucosamine for your pet. Chicken backs and necks, as well as turkey necks, are also good options for dogs and cats. Glucosamine helps support healthy joints and digestive health.

Occupying your pet – long lasting chews are a great way to keep your pet busy during parties or holiday get-togethers for hours at a time. Always monitor your pet with a chew though, especially something new.

Try something new with your pet this season. If you would like to play it safe, you can always treat your pup to our decorated treats from our treat table!


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