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5 Reasons to Maintain a Regular Grooming Schedule

Maintaining a regular grooming schedule can help your pet in many ways:

  • Skin & Coat – Unless your pet gets into something nasty, once a month is generally how often a pet should get a bath. Most groomers would recommend a 4-6 week schedule for a regular visit for your pet. A bath and a trim will help their skin and coat stay properly hydrated. Keeping their coat clean, brushed out and trimmed to an appropriate length helps maintain their overall health too! Think of how good you feel after a salon visit!
  • Improve posture – Having your pet’s nails trimmed on a regular basis will maintain a good posture, as well as a healthy nail length. Shorter nails are important for paw pad health and help avoid infection with proper maintenance.
  • Comfortable with being handled – A groomer has to move and manipulate your pet constantly during an appointment, and sometimes in the most sensitive of areas. Regular visits make your pet more comfortable with the groomer, and the groomer more familiar with your pet. Your pet’s sensitivity to being handled may be reduced with consistent grooming visits.
  • Early Detection – Hopefully, your pet visits your favorite groomer more often than they see their vet. Groomers handle your pet in and out of the tub, as well as on the grooming table. They get a good look and feel of your pet during their appointment, and may be able to find problem areas before you may notice them. Our groomers will always mention the issues they notice during the appointment when you come to pick up your pet.
  • Easier Availability – Groomers are known to book up quickly, especially when it comes to the weekend and holiday dates! When you set up a recurring appointment with your favorite groomer and book 4-6 weeks ahead, you get the best selection for your preferred day and time. Find what works best for you and get an early pick, instead of what is available on short notice.

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