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Focused on Food: Champion Pet Food

Treats Unleashed is focused on providing the very best foods for your pet, so they can live their best lives. We believe that better nutrition means better health, which is why owner, Teresa Miller, carefully selects every brand that sits on our shelves.

Champion Pet Food is a Canadian based company, who makes all of their US foods in their Dogstar Kitchens in rural Kentucky. They are a high-end performance food with high protein levels and no grain found in any of their recipes. You may see the word “BAFRINO” on their bags, which is an acrostic and a promise to their customers. All of their foods are Biologically Appropriate, made with Fresh Regional Ingredients, and Never Outsourced. Biologically Appropriate means that these diets are formulated to most closely mimic a dog’s ancestor, the grey wolf’s, wild diet. Fresh Regional Ingredients are just that – Champion works closely with local farmers and fisherman to find the best quality, fresh ingredients for their foods. Never Outsourced means that they make all of their food in their own kitchens and do not make food for anyone else.

Champion Pet Foods are split into two major labels – Acana and Orijen. Acana was the first of the two, and named so because of their start in Alberta, CANAda. Within Acana, their are Heritage, Regional, and Singles formulas. Heritage takes their recipes closer to where Acana started and have a slightly lower protein percentage. Regionals celebrates diets based upon the different regions of North America. Singles have a single source protein and single source carbohydrate for a more limited ingredient diet, great for pets with food sensitivities. Orijen pet food takes it’s name from the Latin form of “origin.” Champion chose this name as the diet most closely resembles the ancestral diet of our pets, or, in other words, taking their diets back to the beginning. Orijen has a higher protein level than Acana foods and offer varieties for pets of all ages.

Interested in a Champion Pet Food for your dog or cat? Visit your neighborhood Treats Unleashed to talk to a pet food expert about your pet’s options today.

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