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Personalized Grooming Services for Pets

While Treats Unleashed is known for making your dog’s favorite cookie, our grooming services are anything but cookie cutter! Our groomers work with your pet one-on-one for a personalized pet pampering experience like no other salon. Would you want to wait for hours in a small space for your haircut or spa visit? Of course not! So why should your pet? When you visit Treats Unleashed for your pet’s appointment, you will be greeted by the groomer and discuss exactly what you are looking for that day. Your pet then goes back to our grooming salon for their appointment with no waiting, just a relaxing and focused groom. You are contacted immediately at the end of the appointment by either call or text, whichever you prefer. Treats Unleashed strives for a low-stress appointment for everyone involved, including you! Treats Unleashed realizes you have many options when it comes to your pet’s grooming care. They just want to provide the best personal and stress free experience possible.

Try a Treats Unleashed Grooming Appointment with your pet! Grooming services are available at all Treats Unleashed locations, except for Ladue Crossing, and grooming quotes are as easy as a phone call to your neighborhood shop.