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Focused on Health: Pet Obesity

There have been plenty of scary headlines in the pet community concerning food and well-being. While these stories are disconcerting, many of these instances effect a small percentage of pets in the United States. Pet obesity is far more of an epidemic, effecting roughly 60% of all dogs and cats in the United States, though seems to be less discussed. What is worse about obesity in pets is that it can lead to so many more issues later in life for your pet. Obesity puts pets at a much higher risk of developing high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, and many forms of cancer.

How can I keep my pet fit and trim?

  • Healthy diet – Fortunately for pet owners, you control 99% of what your pet eats. Treats Unleashed believes that a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy, all-natural food. While it’s hard to resist those big eyes, treats should only be about 5% of your pet’s daily diet. No table scraps, please.
  • Regular exercise – Studies suggest that dogs should have at least 30 minutes of daily activity, while cats should have 5 minutes of intense play three times daily. These can be as simple as taking a walk with you dog or having your cat hunt down that pesky laser pointer.
  • No overnight results – Similar to our diet and exercise plans, we shouldn’t expect an instant, dramatic change. It’s best to have gradual weight reduction, as well as a gradual increase in activity, to not further risk other health complications. Remember, progress is a process.

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All information found at petobesityprevention.org, visit their site for more resources. Charts from World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA).