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Focused on Health: Pet Diabetes

At Treats Unleashed, we are committed to helping your pets live their best lives and we believe a key part of that healthy life is a proper diet. There are many health issues that come up in our conversations with pet owners, and today we are going to focus on diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that happens when your pet’s body cannot produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels (glucose), which the body uses for energy. If the proper levels of insulin cannot deliver the glucose to the body’s cells, this results in lethargy (decreased energy) and sugars can build up in the blood stream and urine.

Diabetes affects 1 in every 300 dogs and 1 in every 230 cats. While diabetes is common in older pets, ages as young as 4 can be affected by diabetes. Overweight pets are much more susceptible to diabetes than pets of a healthy weight. Female dogs are also twice as likely to develop diabetes than their male counterparts. Here are the signs to look for that your pet may have diabetic symptoms:

  • excessive water drinking and urination
  • weight loss, despite an increased appetite
  • decreased appetite
  • cloudy eyes (particularly in dogs)
  • chronic or recurring infections (such as skin infections or urinary infections)

While these may be warning signs of diabetes, please refer to your vet for an actual diagnosis. While there is no known cure for diabetes, pets can live a long, healthy life while being diabetic. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can make all of the difference when it comes to the quality of life for a diabetic pet. High protein, low carbohydrate diets, especially for cats, can help regulate diabetes. Treats Unleashed has several holistic pet food options for various pet needs. Visit your neighborhood Treats Unleashed to find a great food option for your pet with a personalized food consultation. You can get one started right here!

If you are worried your pet may be diabetic, please visit your veterinarian first. Treats Unleashed Pet Food Experts would love to work with you and your vet’s plan to find a food and exercise routine for your pet today.

All information found at American Veterinary Medical Association

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