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Focused on Food: Stella & Chewy’s

Treats Unleashed is focused on the foods we feed our dogs and cats, and providing them with the best, healthy life through proper nutrition. Stella & Chewy’s pet foods started in a small Manhattan apartment with a belief in the power of raw foods. Today, Stella & Chewy’s continues to bring raw food to the everyday diet of pets from their Wisconsin headquarters. In this blog post, we will take a look at their dry food options, including freeze-dried raw.

Most other brands of dog food bake their foods under high pressure, resulting in a tougher, crunchier kibble. With Stella & Chewy’s, their dry food is baked under regular conditions, making a softer kibble you could easily crumble in your hands. It is then rolled with a fine powder of their well-known freeze-dried raw, providing the flavor that pets crave. Higher protein levels also mean you can feed less of this food and satisfy your dog’s hunger. There are now three main varieties of kibble from Stella & Chewy’s:

Grain-Free Raw Coated Kibble – their standard line of grain-free, soft kibble that’s rolled in freeze-dried raw. Available in beef, chicken, duck, lamb, and whitefish.

Grain-Free Raw Blend – this is a mix of the raw coated kibble, but with kibble-sized pieces of freeze-dried raw included! Available in red meat blend (beef, lamb, venison), cage free blend (chicken, duck, quail), free range blend (lamb, goat, elk), and wild caught blend (trout, salmon, haddock).

NEW Stella’s Essentials with Ancient Grains – features brown rice, pearled barley, oatmeal, quinoa and millet. Available in beef or chicken. Pea, lentil and potato free!

Stella & Chewy’s are well known for their raw recipes, especially their freeze-dried raw. Freeze-dried raw offers the same nutrition and recipes as the frozen raw dinners, but has all of it’s moisture removed, so it’s shelf-stable. You can re-hydrate these freeze-dried dinners by simply adding water or your pet’s favorite liquid sources including goat milk or bone broth. Another great way to use the freeze-dried dinner is to crumble some over the top of your pet’s kibble bowl – they’ll go crazy for it! Freeze-dried dinner varieties include beef, chicken, duck with goose, lamb, pork, rabbit, surf n’ turf (salmon and beef), turkey, and venison.

Bundle and save in August with Stella & Chewy’s! Buy a large bag of kibble and a 25 oz bag of freeze-dried raw and save 20%! Any size bag of kibble or freeze-dried is 10%, but save more with the bundle. Offer valid through August 31, 2019.

NEW Stella & Chewy’s kibble and frozen raw dinners are part of Treats Unleashed’s Frequent Feeder Program. Visit your neighborhood shop to learn more!