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A Note from Teresa about the FDA Pet Food Study

Pet food is in the news and some of the general headlines are scary, so I want to share more details with you. For 17 years, our mission has been to do what is best for your pets with healthy products, gentle services and direct information. I’ve talked with several of you in the past couple of days and invite you to stop by the store with any questions. 

On June 27th, the FDA published a statement about an ongoing study that is looking for a link between diets with peas/lentils/potatoes (most used in grain-free diets) and heart disease in dogs, specifically DCM or Dilated Cardiomyopathy. To date, no link has been found, the study is continuing, and—contrary to rumors you’ve heard—there are no pet food recalls.

The FDA is still investigating the issue, and there are many unknowns. What is known, per the FDA’s statement, is that:

  • The FDA has received reports of 560 cases affected by DCM out of 77 million dogs in the past five years.
  • Many of these cases “indicate that the pets were not eating any other foods for several months to years prior to exhibiting signs of DCM.”  
  • No one animal protein source was predominant among the diets in these cases

If you are concerned and interested in switching to a food with healthy grains, please come see us to discuss options. Free Pet Food Consult Form >>

We have always carried a full range of healthy grain-in and grain-free diets. We believe that every dog is unique, and that the best food for any one pet may not be best for another. We stand by our philosophy that what isn’t in your pet’s food can be just as important as what is. None of the foods we carry contain artificial preservatives or ingredients. Every bag on the shelf is made with quality ingredients that are a key to a wholesome diet.

As a family business, we look out for each other, and I hope you know that we have you and your pet’s best interest at heart. For 17 years, we have focused on educating pet parents and providing transparent information to help you make the best decisions for the health and well-being of your pets. Your pets are our number one priority, and if any definitive answers or information regarding health issues of any kind are released, we will be the first to alert you. 

  Teresa Miller, Owner & Founder

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