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Cool Pup Toys – Fun for the Summer Sun!

Summer is just around the corner and Treats Unleashed has new toys and bowls from Cool Pup to help you beat the heat.

Cooling Bowls – these acrylic bowls are great for indoor or outdoor use and include an insert. Freeze the insert overnight, slip in the bowl, and it keeps your pet’s water cool for hours!

Rocket Pops – one of our favorite new toys returns this year! Now available in regular and mini sizes. Just like a real rocket pop, each color section has a different taste – cherry, lemon/lime, and blueberry. Submerge this toy in water and freeze for a cold toy on a warm day, or just let your pet enjoy the toy as is. Sure to be a favorite at your home!

Ice Cream Cones – Similar to the rocket pops, these cones can be submerged in water and frozen for a cool treat. Also great for teething pups! These cones are available in strawberry, melon, and blueberry flavors. As the frozen treat thaws, cool water escapes from the holes in the sides – providing a satisfying chew and a cool drink simultaneously!

Visit your neighborhood Treats Unleashed to find your pet’s new Summer favorites!

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