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New Product – Solid Gold Bone Broth

New at Treats Unleashed – Three varieties of Solid Gold Bone Broth!

Solid Gold has introduced their new line of shelf-safe bone broth in Beef, Chicken and Turkey options. Bone broth is well known in the pet food world for it’s incredible health benefits, such as restorative joint and digestive health. With Solid Gold Bone Broth, each protein source has different, natural supplements with them for even more added benefits.

Beef Bone Broth with Turmeric – Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help with joint pain relief

Chicken Bone Broth with Lavender and Chamomile – Always calming, lavender and chamomile are natural soothing agents that can put your pet at ease

Turkey Bone Broth with Pumpkin and Ginger – Pumpkin and ginger root are wonderful for digestive health and settling upset stomachs

These broths are flavor rich and easy to use immediately. Just add two tablespoons to your pet’s regular kibble meal and watch your pet gobble down dinner! Place the unused portion of the broth in the refrigerator, where it is good for 7 days. Talk to a Treats Unleashed team member about the benefits of bone broth for your pet!

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