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New! True Hemp Chews and Oils

This unique formulation of True Hemp chews and oils combines hemp seed with active ingredients; creating a synergistic effect that promotes good health for your best friend. Hemp for dogs can be used as a dietary supplement, with many positive effects, such as:
  • Reduced Joint Pain: Hemp oils are often used as effective treatment for inflammation and could result in reduced joint pain in elderly pets who suffer from painful joints, arthritis, hip dysplasia and other diseases that hinder mobility.
  • Healthier Skin & Coat: Hemp oils provide the perfect balance of fatty acids to penetrate the deeper layers of your pet’s skin to not only moisturize, but also prevent rashes, eczema and allergies.
  • Helps with Anxiety: If your dog suffers from anxiety, gets stressed out with separation or travels, or is afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms, hemp supplements can be an impressive support. Hemp can produce unique anti-anxiety effects, control generalized stress, and obsessive behaviors. Along with hemp, supplements with chamomile, lemon balm, and green tea are effective as a calming support for dogs.
For more information about our available line of True Leaf Pet True Hemp products, visit your neighborhood Treats Unleashed shop to speak with one of our trained experts.

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