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Valentine’s Date Night Ideas with Your Pet

Make this Valentine’s Day your best one yet by spending the day with your pets doing what they love — spending time with you! Here are some date ideas to plan with your furry valentine.

For Playful Pups:
• Plan a play date — Meet up with a friend who has another dog similar in energy and temperament. Plan your date in a fenced-in yard or a nearby dog park. Your pets will have the time of their lives, and you’ll have a blast watching them!

For a Mellow, More Romantic Time:
• Older, senior dogs may prefer a one-on-one walk with you. Do you have a favorite location? Maybe a nearby hiking trail or even just a walk through town?

Something for Everyone:
• Shopping — Who doesn’t love to go shopping with their best friend? Stop by your neighborhood Treats Unleashed and shop for a special Valentine’s treat! Pets are always welcome!
• Doggie Spa – A clean dog is a happy dog! Treats Unleashed’s DIY, self-serve baths are perfect for a quick massage, wash & dry. Everything you need is provided, and the best part is they clean up the mess for you!

For our Feline Friends:
• Game Night — Cats like games, too. Spend a few minutes waving around a laser pointer or a string tied to stick. Cats love doing agility activities – try a tunnel or even a new cardboard box!
• Take a Stroll — Start a plan to teach your cat to walk on a leash if they don’t already. Find a great escape-proof harness for your cat that will make your journey together most enjoyable.
• Did someone say salmon? Or chicken? Treat your cat with their favorite treat! Or maybe even a new catnip toy!

Spend time with the one(s) you love this Valentine’s Day. Our pets may not be able to buy us chocolates (or even enjoy them with us), but we all know that our pets truly love us unconditionally, and that’s all we care about.

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