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Pet Dental Health – Small Steps Forward

Someone once said “Progress is a Process” and truer words have rarely been spoken. Whether you are training your dog in agility or looking for your pet to lose a few pounds, best results are achieved by taking small steps and building upon that success. The same can be said of your pet’s dental health. February is Pet Dental Health Month and Treats Unleashed has products by Tropiclean to make pet dental health easier on you and them. Here are a few of the featured products and how they can benefit your pet’s oral care, one step at a time.

Fresh Breath Water Additive – Our favorite way to get things started, because it is just so easy! Just add a cap full (approximately 1 tablespoon) to your pet’s water dish every time you refill it. That’s it! With green tea leaf extract, this water additive formula helps fight plaque and tartar as it freshens breath. Great option for cats too!

Fresh Breath Foam – Similar in formula to the Water Additive, the Fresh Breath Foam has a more direct approach. Simply spray the foam directly on your pet’s teeth and gums and let them work it around their mouth. No brushing is required!

Oral Care Gel for Pets – Made with powerful and natural ingredients, the oral care gel is the most direct application for treatment and prevention of plaque and tartar from Tropiclean. The gels are available in formulas for puppies and cats, as well as a variety of flavors for dogs such as Peanut Butter, Vanilla Mint, and Fresh Berry. Pets love the taste too, making cleaning less of a chore. Brushing is not required with the gels either, but can aid in removing plaque and tartar.

Tropiclean knows the importance of dental care for pets, which is why they try to make the process as easy as possible. “Clean teeth, fresh breath, no brushing!” Try some this month for 20% off and start down the path to better pet dental health. Limited time offer through February 28, 2019.

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