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Avoid the Vague!

Is there any phrase more terrifying than “mystery meat” when it comes to food? Some brands can simply list “meat” as an ingredient in your pet’s food. Yes, but what kind of meat? Look for ingredients to be as specific as possible, especially if your pet has allergies. Here are a couple tips on keeping your food search simple.

Look for the fat source – While looking at the list of ingredients, look for the fat source. These can be animal or plant based, such as Chicken Fat or Coconut Oil.  Generally, the ingredients listed after the fat are minor players or part of the vitamin pack to ensure a balanced diet. The ingredients listed before the fat are main components of your pet’s diet. Remember, these ingredients are listed in order of weight highest to lowest. So, if the front of the bag says “Turkey & Sweet Potato” this is where you can see just how much of those are actually in the food.

Look at the “whole” picture – Many trends from people’s diets have translated over into the pet world as well, and whole foods are no exception. Look for good quality, whole ingredients like fruits and vegetables to be key ingredients in your pet’s food. These can also make great healthy snacks for your pet too! Some of our pet’s favorites include carrots, frozen blueberries, bananas and sweet potatoes. Whole ingredients extends to grains as well. If our foods have grain in them, you can be sure they are good quality whole grains, such as pearled barley, oats, white and brown rice. As always, all foods Treats Unleashed carry are exclusive of corn, wheat or soy, being that these are the most common of grain allergies in pets.

We realize looking at multiple foods with multiple ingredient panels can be dizzying and hard to keep straight. We are here to help! Talk to one of our team members today about a food consultation personalized for your pet. We are happy to work with you on a diet your veterinarian has outlined.

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