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What do cats & camels have in common?

water fountain CeramicRaindropCatThis question is not as crazy as it sounds – cats and camels both evolved in desert regions. If you are worried about your cat getting enough water, here are a few things you can do to quench her thirst.

Cats, having evolved from desert climes, used to “eat their water,” by consuming fresh prey. House cats today don’t have that option, unless you count a stray insect or two. Providing your cat with enough moisture keeps her healthier by flushing out toxins and contributing to better renal health.

Some ways to entice your cat to consume more moisture include:

  • Feeding her canned or frozen raw food. Premium canned or raw food will add much needed moisture to her daily diet. You may have to experiment with brands and types (pate, shredded, sliced) to find one she likes best. Ask a Treats Unleashed associate for suggestions and about our 100% guarantee on foods and treats.
  • Setting up her drinking area away from her feeding area – evidently that is a kitty no-no. That explains why our cats drink out of the dogs’ big water bowls, which leads us to another way to get her drinking more.
  • Offering her a few larger dishes from which to drink. Some finicky felines do not like their whiskers to touch the bowl – a quick remedy is to try a a different type (stainless steel, ceramic, glass, widths, depths) in various locations.
  • Providing her with a source of fresh, running water. You can try leaving a faucet dripping. For those who would like a more environmental water conservation option, a cat water fountain is an excellent choice. Her ancestors knew drinking stagnant water was unhealthy and so does she! Stop by one of the shops and ask about the water fountains that Treats Unleashed carries.

Getting your finicky feline to drink more water may take some time and effort, but she will have a happier and healthier future. And she won’t be drinking water from the faucet while you are trying to brush your teeth!

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Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

Keeping Cats Hydrated

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