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Senior supplements – not just for people

tugs - with fluff toy abby Thacker leaWe are so grateful to the advances in pet care because our beloved cats and dogs are living well past their average life expectancy.

Just like people, pets can benefit from supplements that support healthy diets and proper weight management.

Whether it is joint, cognitive or heart health support, hairball relief, daily probiotic or UT support, we have just the right product to help your senior continue to enjoy life to the fullest!

Stop by your neighborhood Treats Unleashed today to learn more about all-natural supplements to help improve your senior pet’s quality of life.

Pictured is senior tri-paws dog, Tugs.

Here is a partial list of supplements that we carry:

Pet Naturals 

  • Calming Chews – cat & dog
  • Probiotic Chews – cat & dog
  • Hairball Chews – cat
  •  L-Lysine – cat
  • Daily Multivitamin Tablet (60ct) – dog
  •  Hip & Joint Tablet (90ct) – dog
  • Hip & Joint Max Chews – dog


  • GlycoFlex+ Chews – Joint
  •  GlycoFlex+ Small Dog Chews – Joint
  • Composure Chews – Anxiety – Cat & Dog


  • Senior Wisdom
  • Micro Flora – Digestive
  • Bladder Care tablets

Missing Link 

  • Joint, Skin & Coat Formula – Powder

Ark Naturals 

  • Gray Muzzle chews – Heart, Brain, Joint formulas
  • Happy Traveler chews – Anxiety
  • Gentle Digest tablets


  • Connectin tablets/powder – Joint

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