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TU PetFoodMonthTextThis month Treats Unleashed is introducing our “pet food of the month program,” designed to save you money on healthy foods for your pets!

holistic select 2 dogholistic select can_oceanfishtuna_3oz_2The March “pet food of the month” features Holistic Select canned cat or dog food – buy 4, get 1 FREE! Offer good on 5.5 oz and 13 oz cans. Treats Unleashed carries the full line of Holistic Select pet food at all locations – Chesterfield, Columbia, Des Peres, Ladue, Leawood, Mid Rivers and Oakville.

Holistic Select pet food was introduced in 2000, and has resonated with pet parents in search of a holistic approach to nutrition. Holistic Select goes “beyond natural” by building a foundation of premium proteins, fats and carbohydrates and then adding Select Actives. Select Actives are nature’s power ingredients, like enzymes, live micro-organisms, botanicals and phytonutrients.

pawLargeOrange Prebiotics are a heat resistant type of dietary fiber that stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine and increases immunity to harmful microorganisms. As a food source for the “good bacteria,” prebiotics can work symbiotically with probiotics to promote overall gut-health.

pawLargeOrange Probiotics are live, naturally occurring microorganisms (micro-flora) normally found in a healthy digestive tract. Active probiotics like lactic acid or bacillus microorganisms optimize digestion & absorption of vital nutrients. Probiotics are guaranteed to be live & active in all dry recipes.

pawLargeOrange Natural Fiber helps efficiently move food through the digestive tract to maintain digestive regularity. Fiber-rich fruits, veggies and whole grains deliver natural fiber at guaranteed levels, to support a healthy and regular digestive process.

pawLargeOrange Digestive Enzymes: Sources of protease, cellulose, and alpha-amylase help breakdown proteins, fiber and carbohydrates, to promote bioavailability of nutrients. All dry recipes include enzymes at guaranteed levels.

pawLargeOrangeBotanicals are plants chosen for specific health and therapeutic benefits. Certain botanicals like Cinnamon, Fennel and Peppermint are widely known to support a calm and balanced digestive system.

When combined, these powerful ingredients activate a higher level of health — and this is the holistic philosophy that guides all of our recipes.

We guarantee that your dog or cat will love your Holistic Select recipe selection or your money back. If for any reason you or your pet are not satisfied with our products, just bring the unused portion, packaging and receipt back to the place of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

Source: Holistic Select Website








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