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pet cooler carrier

Pet Cooler Carriers, available in 3 colors, $119.99 each.

Are you planning a trip with your favorite furbaby this summer? Worried about keeping them cool? Treats Unleashed now carries Pet Cooler Carriers (watch the video). These unique pet carriers, which are made in the USA,  offer a convenient,  “cool” solution  for parents traveling with small pets – especially those that have trouble with heat. Here are few interesting facts about them:

            • The Pet Cooler Carrier has a compartment for ice and a high quality valve that drains the melted ice into the living space so that pets have cool water to drink.
  • The Pet Cooler Carrier is one of the most durable crates on the market. A small adult can easily stand on it – it can take a lot of pressure and still hold up.
  • It was created by a local St. Louis couple.
  • Tests have shown in most cases a 15 degree drop in temperature with the ice lasting at least five hours. After the ice has melted, the cold water will keep the carrier cool as well until it warms up, or the pet drinks it.
  • It is an environmentally conscious product – no moving parts; no toxic refrigerants; no electricity; and no batteries!
  • The Pet Cooler Carrier was Dog Fancy magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award winner last year.
  • Made in the USA!

For now, it only comes in one size, but medium and large carriers are in development. Visit your favorite Treats Unleashed shop to see this cool carrier!

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