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cooper's corner – nov. 16

<this week, I’m very thankful! you can reach me at cooper@treats-unleashed.com.>

This year is the first time that I get to spend Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones. I have so many things for which I am thankful; here are just a few:

      1. Mia & Max, Teresa & Ian,
      2. for being rescued,
      3. all of my friends who support rescue groups & shelters, and
      4. being loved & cared for.

My shop friends and I are thankful for our forever homes. Just a reminder that there are great pets still looking for theirs, so if your human is thinking about getting you a buddy, please consider a rescue or shelter pet.

Gotta run! I promised my canine cousins, Daisy Mae, Rico and Rusty, that I would bring the pumpkin pie, so I need to get my order in for a whole pie! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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