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frequent barker club specials: august

$3 Off Answers Goat’s Milk

Raw nutrition made easy, just pour it on! Full of enzymes, pre- and probiotics, raw goat’s milk requires very little work from the digestive system, and is quickly absorbed into the system. Perfect for adding extra nutrition to your pet’s diet, or as a food topper for picky eaters

50% Off Cooling Jackets

Keep your pet cool even in these extreme temperatures. You can even use the jackets with water to give your pet even more cooling action. Great for visiting the dog park or walks on hot days. It is still extremely important to make sure your pet stays hydrated, and takes breaks often to cool down and catch their breath.

30% Off Water Toys & Life Jackets

Freshen up your pet’s toy box this summer with a new float toy. Have you been considering a life jacket? Now is the time. You can use it for the rest of the summer and for years to come to keep your pet safe on the boat or at the pool!

10% Off Freezy Pups Refills

Our top selling summer treat – delicious make-at-home frozen treats for dogs! Each package contains 5 refill packets making a total of approximately 70 treats. Available in 4 organic flavors.


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